Elegance & Grace

She sails along down the river, through the Hayden Valley, past the lush green vegetation along each riverbank, under the warmth of the sun’s caress.

She moves at a slower pace, charting her own way through the world, never minding the seconds and minutes and hours as I do, standing there in silent awe at her beauty.

I watch as she dips her bill into the water, sometimes her entire rounded head disappearing under the surface, in search of aquatic vegetation along the riverbed.

Lifting her head from the water, shimmering droplets fall from her bill as she appraises me, lending my existence a little more meaning simply through her acknowledgement.

It makes so much sense to me – that this embodiment of beauty should be such a symbol of romance and love. I am forever in wonderment of wildlife, and the natural world that surrounds us. Constantly charmed by the infinite beauty. Always in admiration of the tranquility of it all.

How fortunate I am, to bear witness to the elegance and grace of the trumpeter swan.

“Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.” ~ William Hazlitt

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