Tiny Treasures

As a wildlife biologist in field research, my job description can change with the seasons and almost entirely depends on my current study or project. Presently, I work for Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) as a field technician for a population monitoring project and I’d like to take today to introduce you to…Read more »

My Shire

Before any adventure can begin, there must be a place from which to set out, much like Bilbo Baggins sets out from his cozy hobbit hole and shire in The Hobbit. The importance of this place cannot be understated and should never be taken for granted.Home is more than a location – it is an…Read more »

The Journey Begins

I’m not sure what circumstances brought you to this page, but I’m overjoyed that you are here. In the spirit of Earth Day, I am delighted to set out on this new and exciting journey with all of you at the inception of Beyond the Riverbend. Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is…Read more »