Pele’s Power

By: Audrey Ficca We were crouching next to a 2 foot pyramid of sharp black stones on the crunchy black gravel which surrounded us. The monochromatic moonscape stretched as far as the eye could see in each direction. John and I remained in this odd pose and peered across the dark jagged horizon in order…Read more »

Delicious Autumn

A warm hello to all of my Beyond the Riverbend family! I hope you’ve been enjoying a cozy autumn so far! I am so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last written. The past few months have been a bit crazy, a lot hazy, and even more than that, filled with very few opportunities…Read more »

A Monumental Fight

One of the first things I heard upon entering Yosemite National Park were two words: “Welcome home.” Public lands, like our national parks, have been a large part of my life from the time I was very young. The vast open spaces of purple mountain majesties, from sea to shining sea, have always been places…Read more »

Diamonds in the Rough

By: Jacob Causey My lifelong interest in turtles has taken me to some fantastically beautiful places. I’ve swam after sliders in the Ichetucknee River, tracked box turtles in the hills of Tennessee, and currently I’m tagging sea turtles and capturing diamondback terrapins for research projects in northwest Florida. As I work with a species I…Read more »

Elegance & Grace

She sails along down the river, through the Hayden Valley, past the lush green vegetation along each riverbank, under the warmth of the sun’s caress. She moves at a slower pace, charting her own way through the world, never minding the seconds and minutes and hours as I do, standing there in silent awe at…Read more »

Sandhill Crane Migration

By: Amanda Pays I remember the first time I saw the Sandhill crane migration. It was March of 2014. As a member of the University of Idaho’s wildlife society club, I was on my way to attend the Western Students Wildlife Conclave (that year held in Lincoln, Nebraska). Beginning our trip from Moscow, our group…Read more »

Celebrating Plant-Birthdays

By: Kaytlyn Goodwin I open my door on a crisp April morning with sounds of water calmly trickling, invisible to the eye, underneath what is left of the winter’s snow; and the faint but cheery song of the first birds of the season as they journey to their nesting grounds. Some mornings are filled with…Read more »

The African Savannah’s Song

In the summer of 2016, I had the honor of studying elephants in Africa. More specifically, our team was conducting research that focused on how these magnificent animals affect the biodiversity within their ecosystems. It was a magical summer. The kind I dreamed about as a little girl. The kind of summer that lingers long…Read more »

Friendly Neighborhood Scientist

By: Jacob Causey How did you get to where you are? What inspired you to follow this path in life? These are two questions I’ve heard many times, especially asked of professionals during the Q&A portion of their lecture sessions. Madison has asked me to answer them here. My foundational experiences may not be typical…Read more »